September 21, 2011

( todays thrift finds )

here's some of todays thrift finds. i kind of wanted to save the best for last but i'm just too excited!!

eeeee! isn't it amazing??
best part for sure, the price tag: $5!
(i clearly have yet to hang it...)

i also got these cute embroidered art pieces for $3, they fit into my favourite nook of our house perfectly...i love vintage emroidered art. they just don't make 'em like this anymore...or maybe they do and i've just never seen 'em

& don't you love finding something while thrifting that you've favourited on etsy recently? i doooo! i've had my eye on shoesies like these ones for quite some time now

& this little guy, i just couldn't say no to...i mean, look at that wittle face!

have you found anything uh-mazing while thrifting recently?? do tell!!

amy, not you...i know YOU have miss.queen-of-thrift ;)