September 24, 2011

( lovely interiors )

i adore all of the wood & pops of red!

yaaaa...i dig everything about this. look at that view!

imagine waking up outside every morning? how dreamy....except when it's raining. that would suck. a lot.

ugh! i love this!!

i dream of having a large bathroom...the glass walls in most of these photos are just incredible.

these chairs are fantastic!

this home is on a cliff...kind of scary for those afraid of heights but oh so beautiful!

& some really neat lights:

i love these for obvious reasons...wouldn't it be adorable with vintage teacups & saucers?

too cute!

having some friends over tonight, pretty excited that i didn't have to work a double today, it doesn't happen too often so i am embracing it with open arms (see: getting drunk)

speaking of interior designs/designers...have you visited colby's blog lately? he featured me & some other loverly ladies recently as one of his favourite bloggers which totally warmed my heart ♥ you can see the feature here & then you should probably check out his most recent post here showcasing his gorgeous bedroom, boy's got interior design skillz!! ya, with a z! love it.

alright, i am off!! happy saturday my dears :)