September 25, 2011

( etsy faves: capes & ponchos )

so my good friend lianne came over last night & was wearing an amazing poncho that she had thrifted that day from a great local vintage boutique in town called sympathy for the rebel (hi ryan!) and it inspired me to find my own...and in the meantime, window shop on etsy!

i think this one might be my favourite...though it's really hard to choose!

i totally couldn't get away with this colourful patchwork poncho but i think elycia or kaylah could, don't you??

i love this one! anything with hearts on it is okay in my books!

the colour & pattern on this one...amazing.

suede. awesome. colours. fantastic.

...or maybe this one's my favourite. i really like that it has buttons!

a red & white poncho would be perfect for christmas time/winter...that's my favourite time to wear red. also...yes, i totally realize this chick isn't wearing pants. why, i have NO idea. she still manages to look pretty cute though eh?

this one reminds me of the desert. the colours are perfect for fall...which really has nothing to do with the desert at all...just go with me on this one.

in short, i want one

or all of them...