September 27, 2011

( october? + october giveaway details )

is anyone else freaked out by the fact that saturday is october 1st? ACK!my favourite month is almost over (though i think it will have to carry over onto october as really it's the fall weather that is my favourite part & we haven't had much of that this september) i really love fall and well, this summer weather has been continuing on far too long for my liking. i've been reviewing my september goals & so far, so good. i won't have read two books by the end of the week, but i've been busy with the rest of the goals so that's not so bad!

on a different note, i just wanted to let you guys know how much i love you. i love this little blogging community so very much. i love getting comments and reading everyone else' blog (ps: i've been having troubles commenting lately...i have to do it as anonymous, so i apologize for that) anyway, to say a big THANK YOU i'm going to be hosting a GIVEAWAY at the beginning of october (next week!) it's going to be super awesome, promise. i'm still finalizing a few details, but i hope to have a giveaway-a-day for an entire week, if not more! you will definitely not be disappointed with the people/shops participating! i'm also going to be regularly posting a section to the blog called shop my closet i will be adding new items later this week!

so that's just a little heads up to let you know it's going to be happening! giveaways will begin monday oct 3rd and run long as it possibly can (still rounding up people to join the fun!) i know i'm really stoked on it!!

hope everyone is having a happy tuesday

i love you!!