September 5, 2011

( galaxy/space nails: how to )

i used to be obsessed with nail art as a kid. i would paint all kinds of things on my nails: watermelons, ducks, flowers, polka dots, stripes, lots of things...anyway, needless to say i am getting back into it! i paint my nails kind of obsessively and do them 2-3 times per week, i find it relaxing & i love having my nails all polished and looking purdy.

my photos didn't turn out too great, i find it hard to photograph sparkles!

( click photos to few larger/show detail )

this is from that blog again fuckyeahprettynails which is where i saw this photo/inspiration and also the link to the youtube video. if you just youtube search 'galaxy nails' you will find a bunch of how to''s really easy!

if you want to just give it a shot without a video, here's how:

one. paint your nails a dark shade; black or navy blue, i used a navy with a bit of a sparkle & let dry

two. grab a small sponge, i used a makeup (foundation) sponge

three. put a dab of coloured nail polish (a lighter colour, like yellow, purple, pink or pale blue) on a piece of paper and dab your sponge into the polish

four. dab onto your nail in any pattern, leaving room for a second &/or third colour

five. get another lighter colour & repeat steps three&four, and let dry

six. grab a sparkle nailpolish...i like one with small sparkles and larger sparkles and paint a top coat.

seven. voila! space nails

i think they're so cute & fun...and easy to do!! i'm excited to try pinks and purples