September 1, 2011

( i was born in the wrong era )

okay but seriously, how amazing is this shop? renouveau clothing

i want everything. i thought i'd share it with you so i am not the only one lusting after these amazing pieces.

ps: happy september!! september is absolutely my favourite month. i'm starting this one off a little slow as i haven't been feeling 100% the past few days and had to take the morning off of work because of it. my body tends to make itself sick when it's/i'm feeling overwhelmed & stressed and that would make total sense as i've had a LOT going on the past...oh, 3 months. i'm looking forward to school starting but i will be going full-time, plus working two part-time jobs, meaning i'm going to be even busier than i was this past summer. it's a lot to take in but i'm hoping i can handle it! i start school on tuesday and the support workers are on strike right now which is just great (note sarcasm!) hoping that it doesn't mean much for us students as we don't need anymore setbacks. as my dad says 'there's always something'!