September 1, 2011

( september goals )

i see a lot of bloggers do monthly goal lists & i've decided to start my own. i figure it's a good way to keep track of my goals & also be held accountable for them, so here goes nothin':

one. stay active! this should be relatively easy for me as i am currently doing personal training & also come tuesday, i will be back in school and included in my tuition is membership to the gym. i have lot's of breaks in my days & plan to frequent the gym during those times.

two. stay sane! haha...this may seem like a silly one but i get easily overwhelmed when i have a lot going on & as i mentioned before i'm going to be going to school full-time plus working two jobs...oh, and also trying to maintain a social life, at the same time. doing things i enjoy in my down time is a must or i lose my mind!

three. read two books, non-textbook-books i love reading & sometimes when i get into the school mode, i forget about my love of reading & get stuck reading only school materials. to accomplish this, i plan on heading to the library tomorrow to pick some up! i haven't been in far too long...

four. get up to my cottage at least once given the fact that it's my first month of school & i'm going to be busy-busy, this might be hard but i definitely want to get up there while the leaves are all oranges & reds and to enjoy the crisp fall air by the lake

five. get to toronto & visit friends! i'm kind of cheating with this one as i already know that i'm going (this weekend) with my friend meg to visit bree&jarv (and we're seeing's a dj, for those unaware, lol) however, i'd also love to get to toronto to visit some other friends as well, at another time! one being julie, in her new apartment! and my cousin erin too ♥ i may have to squeeze some of these visits into october!

i think those are good for now...i like making attainable goals, as unrealistic goals just don't fly with me! what's the point in making goals you know you'll never reach??