September 11, 2011

( office nerd )

when i was younger, one of my first jobs was spending my summers filing at the high school my mum works at. now you'd think that filing for 8 hours a day would be awful (& well, it was...) but i loved the office environment. though it's funny because at one point in high school i'm 100% certain i said "i will never work in an office!" and now, at 25, i'm in my second and final year of executive office administration in college.

i love having an agenda and staying organized. i've always loved back to school and buying new supplies like pens and paper and getting my binders all set up. i love having a desk with all my things placed neatly on top or filed away. i love label makers (who doesn't?) & calendars & getting mail...and okay, you get the idea...and probably think i'm a huge dork but i'm pretty okay with that. basically what i'm saying is, once i'm done school i can't wait to work in a sweet office and have cute vintage supplies like these:

what did i say about the label maker? who wouldn't want this!!

side note: working in an office totally does not have to be boring and stuffy like the bad reputations that offices usually get. there are awesome and uniques companies/offices out there and my goal when i'm done school is to work at/in one! :)