September 14, 2011

( outfit post: my favourite look )

outfit details:

sweater - ebay, hong kong

shorts - free people

i love the detailing on the bottom of these shorts!

one of my favourite pairs of boots, so comfy & easy to wear/look good with everything! side note: yes i am actually a ghost.

oh hi!

this is where my rings sit when they aren't on my fingers

that green one in the middle there is the most beautiful ring you will ever see, in your entire life...yep, the whole thing. it was my mums. she bought it in california when she was in her early twenties, i wear it every single day and usually get at least one compliment on it daily (told ya it was the prettiest!)

that other (huge) amazing ring on my finger is from one of my best friends, megg. it's another one of my faves; go big or go home.

i am totally loving this outfit!! it's super comfy & i loooove this time of year when you can wear a light sweater with shorts & boots, it's my absolute favourite look! i'm getting SO excited for fall & i think that megg will kill me if i mention it one more time (she's a summer gal)

today i slept in a little and then had a personal training session, i always feel so good on the days i have's true what they say, excerise boosts endorphins! i have class from 4-7 tonight then am hanging out with my two of my besties ♥ i'm enjoying my downtime as much as possible this week as i work friday night, saturday (a double = 18hrs) and sunday as well! i'm going to be tiiiiired. after this though, i will hopefully have sundays off from both jobs as i'm clearly going to need it. those long 18hr saturdays are going to be pretty common i think!

hope everyone is having a good wednesday! i heard a funny last week that i wanted to share (& since it's wednesday and all...) "a wednesday without rain is a dry hump day" hehehe.