October 12, 2011


the vintage apartment: vintage polaroid camera in working condition + film!! click here to enter

roots and feathers: this gorgeous ring! click here to enter

blowfish shoes: your choice of shoe!! click here to enter

monocled lop: your choice of turban and print, click here to enter!

thatgirl crochet: custom circle cowl, your choice of colour. click here to enter!

love elycia: custom illustration, click here to enter!

the dainty squid: your choice of zippered pouch! click here to enter.

run with scissors blog: chance to win 1/4 spots for janels online journalling classes. click here to enter!

don't wait to enter!

winners will be chosen soon for some of the bottom giveaways here as they've been going on the longest. i know i've been super busy lately so i want to give everyone more time to enter! you guys have been so great :) there are still LOTS to come!!

are you excited??

ya should be...