October 3, 2011

review of sept goals + new oct goals

i did pretty good with my goals for september!

stay active: i've been doing pretty good at this. i'm still doing my personal training and though i've had to cancel a few sessions due to school and well, life in general, i still do my at-home workouts & am also starting something new for october (more later)

stay sane: i've been doing okay at this. i still need to work a little harder at this one. i've been extremely busy and had a lot going on so this one can be tough at times.

read two (non-textbook) books: didn't happen. there needs to be more hours in a day.

get up to my cottage at least once: well, i'm going up this weekend...so it didn't quite happen in september, but pretty close!

get to toronto & visit friends: at the beginning of the month, meg & i went to visit bree&jarv and to see fakeblood. it was a lot of fun! this month (or next) i need to go to visit julie in her new apartment!

still staying active: i will be continuing my personal training but also doing a 'rocktober arms challenge' through my trainer as well. i'm hoping to get those toned arms i've always dreamed of!

stay sane: as i said, i have to keep working at this one. i go to school full-time, have two jobs and am still somehow trying to maintain a social life. it gets tough at times.

get ahead in school: i hate falling behind. i'd much rather have things done far in advance and prior to the night before due date...this just means staying at the school longer (even when i don't have class) totally attainable.

not spending money on new clothes: lord knows i have enough clothes, i don't need anymore. i'm going on another consumer diet...it feels reallllly good having money in my savings account, way better than a new dress or top! which brings me to...

outfitting my current wardrobe in different ways: as i said, i have a lot of clothes...i need to start wearing it all and trying to pair up things i wouldn't normally to trick my brain into thinking that they're new pieces, haha.

i think that's all i'm going to do for now...i know some of those may seem silly to other people, but these are all things i need to work on and are good goals for me!