November 14, 2011

around the blogosphere

this week of around the blogosphere is full of pretty girls...just full of 'em

there is something so calming to me about this photo taken by alice of niceties who lives in new zealand. do you spot her cat wallace? he's particularly adorable!

amy is such a pretty girl. i love her style, her writing, her photos & pretty much everything about her section of the blogosphere. how amazing are these floral pants??

this is my cousin erin. she's a babe, right? her blog is called red food colouring & you should read it...

this perfecty imperfect fishtail braid from the loveliest day

katja made this adorable fox necklace herself! isn't it incredible? it's handstitched. you can check out her blog to see more detailed photos.

i just wanted to give a big CONGRATULATIONS to elycia of love, elycia for quitting her day job and becoming a fulltime blogger/etsy shop owner! living the go girl! (ya, i just said that...)

i don't know one blogger out there who doesn't have total hair envy over katie of skunkboy's absolutely stunning! she sometimes does hair DIY's and this one has me smitten!

i told you it was full of pretties...♥