November 17, 2011

best friends

i just had to say goodbye to this amazing girl...

tomorrow she makes the 17 hour drive to her new home in halifax

it completely breaks my heart and i in no way, shape or form want her to leave but i know that this is something that she has to do and that it will be good for her. at this point in time though, all i can think about is how much i'm going to miss her. i just have to remember that she'll be back in a month for christmas and new years and in the meantime we can skype, write letters and talk on the phone. it's the day to day things i'm going to miss the most though. lianne and i were basically dating; we'd do laundry together, run errands, all the little things that i won't notice until she's gone for about a week...i'm going to miss her so very much.

this girl has a big piece of my heart