November 20, 2011

real life stuffs

so this week has been exhausting...emotionally, physically, mentally in a lot of ways which is why i haven't been around the blogosphere much. to let you in on a little bit of 'real life' (aka: outside the blog bubble) i've had a lot going on. for starters, i had to say 'so long' to a very dear friend this week who moved to halifax. here's where the emotional draining part comes in as i've shed many a tear and have been having a hard time with her leaving (i'm going to miss her a TON!)

on a work related note, i'm sure if you've been reading for awhile you know that i have been working part-time at H&M for a little over a year now...well, i was offered a really wonderful job (also still part-time as i'm in school full-time) so i had to part ways with one job, and well, serving is good money sooo it was bye bye retail! i've been working in retail for about ten years now though and so it's become kind of second nature to me. there's a lot of aspects of retail that i love like my fellow employees, helping people style outfits & making themselves feel good in their clothes, the fast paced nature of a busy store & of course the fashion...but it's time to say goodbye. i love the people i worked with at H&M and it was honestly a great company to work for but i'm moving on to bigger and better things so i'm really excited about my new job!

on a work related note, i also worked a 12hr day on friday and a 14hr day on saturday so needless to say my weekend was busy. today was spent with my mum this afternoon, grabbing tea and picking up some groceries and tonight i had dinner and hangouts with my girlfriends so it was a nice end to an otherwise really tiring weekend. last night i came home completely exhausted and delirious to a lovely present on our bed, a gift certificate for a spa in town for an hour massage...i love mikey so much. it was a 'just because' gift since he knows that i've been dealing with a lot this last bit. so thoughtful!

on another lovely note, something wonderful happened last night. my big brother (& only brother) proposed to his girlfriend carrie!! i am SO very excited & happy for them...weddings are so exciting, aren't they??

so anyway, that's just a little catch up! that's what is going on with me outside of being 'miss teacups' lol. some really wonderful things mixed in with some kind of crappy things, but also some exciting new changes in my life.