November 25, 2011

totally crushing out on: platforms

alright, so apparently i've been all about the 90s lately...i've been obsessed with velvets & now all of a sudden i'm craving an awesome pair of platform shoes/boots. i spent most of my childhood (the parts i have memories from anyway) in the 90s so i guess it makes sense...i'm just kind of throwing myself for a style loop as i usually gravitate towards the 70s. anyway, are you ready to start making fun of me? here we goooo!

i love 'em, i want 'em, i'd wear 'em everyday!! i really LOVE these.

i don't even understand why i like these?? this is really not my style at all, haha, i'm just drawn to that chunky plastic wedge, plus these ones are steve maddens from the 90s so i know they'd be comfy!

i think these gorgeous ones take the cake for me...they're in my size too, not in my price range though :( wah!

i love the different shades and colours in these boots. do you guys think i'm crazy yet for digging all these platforms??

alright so these boots are amazing for a few reasons...a) they're velvet [ah! both style crushes in the same item!!] b) the style is great, c) they're just really freaking awesome & d) they're 15!! but alas e) 1/2 a size too small for me. aren't these shoes FUN?? i want 'em, i need 'em!

i'm kind of dying over these...

these chunky leopard print shoes are amaaaazing!!

alright so am i crazy?? some of these are pretty normal and 'trendy' right now but the i nuts? anyone else feeling me on this, feel free to chime in now