November 24, 2011

outfit post: nerd squad ft. blowfish shoes!

outfit details

button up - H&M

cardigan - old navy

leggings - H&M

glasses - bleudame

hee hee boots - c/o blowfish shoes

aren't they great??
i've wanted a lace up boot for a really long time and oh my goodness, you have no idea how comfy these are (unless of course you own a pair in which you do know how comfy & great they are!) they're completely fur lined which makes it feel like you're walking on a cloud, for realsies! also their name is just super cute...hee hee :)

black leather with corduroy on the outside & fur lined on the inside...doesn't get much better than that! they also come in chocolate brown & grey, i think brown would be really pretty!

i realize this outfit isn't overly exciting (it was a comfy pj pants though, see!) i kind of feel super i'm about to write a book report or something ;) i took these photos super quick before heading over to my girl thursday's place to babysit little georgia. i got a hug almost the second i walked in the door, she's literally the cuuuutest!

also, are you aware of blowfish bootights? they look so cozy & well, they just make so much sense! it's one of those things that i found myself thinking 'why didn't I think of that?'