December 31, 2011

around the blogosphere: the last one of 2o11

katja posted this super cute, super simple wall clock DIY over on her blog today!

today is this pretty gals birthday!! so pop on over to her blog: misslarissabree & wish her a happy birthday :)

these nails are ready to party!

elizabeth from delightfully tacky has been sharing her wedding photos this week. i loooove her dress & the fact that it was her mothers. the light, pretty colours she chose are great too, everything looked so lovely!

i love this idea for a doilie wall, found on reasons to celebrate

i've been following janel (of run with scissors) for quite a few years now, but i just have to say...she is one of my favourite people/bloggers. she absolutely has the biggest heart i have ever come across and i find daily inspiration in her projects & photos. ps: her new blog re-design is freaking amazing!!!

it's also one more important persons birthday today:

my dad!!

happy birthday dad, i know you'll have a great time tonight (you always do!) i love you so much!!

well guys, that's it for 2o11 - the next post will be happening in 2o12. i hope that everyone has a safe & happy new year!