January 2, 2012

2011 in review


+ spent time at the cottage

+ spent our last month in the loft downtown


+ moved into our new home

+ celebrated our 3 year anniversary

+ got a lip tattoo with mikeys initials


+ spent a week in cuba with bry&jess


+ reached 300 followers on my blog (currently at almost 500!)

+ finished my 1st year of college with honors


+ successfully completed 1 month of no shopping (i CAN do it!)

+ completed my 2 week internship at page design


+ celebrated my 25th birthday

+ got a new (old) bike


+ celebrated mikeys 25th birthday

+ spent lots of time outside

+ co-hosted blog talk with chantilly of mygirlthursday

+ got my 2nd job at a sports bar, serving

+ went to B.C to visit my best friend


+ enjoyed the summer (not much happened...)


+ started my 2nd (& final) year of college

+ got a new blog re-design


+ hosted my 1st blog giveaway party!

+ finished my owl side piece tattoo


+ got my new floral shoulder piece tattoo started

+ my best friend moved to the east coast

+ my brother & his girlfriend got engaged

+ met some amazing bloggers (in real life!)


+ celebrated our last christmas in our families home

+ completed my 3rd semester (of 4) in college

+ got stitched by jen of 365 lucky days

(i'm positive that photos would make this post more appealing to you guys but frankly i did this little re-cap mostly for myself...and to remember lots of good times!)

happy 2012!