January 2, 2012

20 new year resolutions + january goals

new years resolutions are always a fun start to the new year! they leave me feeling hopeful...and even though i believe you should make resolutions all year 'round, not just for january 1st, there's just something about a new year - a fresh new start that is so exciting! don't you think? i've loved reading peoples new years resolutions around the blogosphere lately, they inspire me & help me add items to my list i hadn't thought of previously.

here are my 'new year resolutions'

1. get my license (it's about damn time!)

2. get back into exercising and feeling good about myself and the things (food, vitamins) that i put into my body

3. make our house even more of a home...namely our bedroom, it's been so neglected since we moved in nearly a year ago. it needs some love

4. take more photos

5. write in my diary (i just did tonight but prior to that i hadn't written in it since july) i know blogging is great to document things but in reality it will be my diaries i will read when i'm old & grey

6. make monthly goal lists (i've been doing good at this, i'd like to keep it up!)

7. learn to knit...more than just the basic stitch & along the same lines, join a local knitting group here in town

8. buy groceries weekly (this will lead to less take out & more home cooked meals which mikey & i both want to do more of!)

9. do laundry more (silly, but true...and necessary)

10. save money, stop spending money on frivilous things so often

11. travel (!!) i have plans to go away with mikey at the end of feb & i also desperately want to visit my friend cody in NYC when school is over

12. make a budget & stick to it

13. less online shopping (it's SO hard...but i CAN do it!)

14. spend time focusing on what i want my blog to become

15. make more, be more creative

16. write more letters to friends & family

17. make positive choices (broad...but i mean this in every aspect of my life...it's a great goal and one i really want to stick with!)

18. not let one teeny thing ruin my whole day

19. learn to relax...completely (whether this means more reading, more knitting, spending more time with friends or mikey)

20. take more 'me' time. i like spending time with myself & need to do more of it

& my january goals are:

1. eat healthy. detox my body of all the bad foods i've been eating the past while (too long...)

2. figure out my stomach problems (daily tummy aches are no fun!) & probably have something to do with #1

3. exercise

4. get my license

5. kick off my final semester with a positive attitude!

...those are all totally do'able resolutions & goals. cheers to 2012!! i'm excited for this new year & new start & feeling positive. i think my inspiration word of 2012 will be positive