December 29, 2011

christmas 2o11

christmas morning at the breakfast table

the tree at my parents place

our politically incorrect napkins (haha!)

my bro!

a christmas cheers

the fireplace channel

the christmas table

a candid shot of my mum&dad ♥

my mister, on the 27th

the newly engaged couple!

ian, kyle & rob (cousins!)

the 4 'sisters' (only 3 are sisters) getting their trip to chicago to see the jays play!

my mum & carrie

me & erin (i had to include the 'were not ready' photo)

there's the good one!

i was so thankful that i had a week at home this year. not working retail meant i didn't have to rush home for boxing day to work. this was our last christmas in my parents house, the one my brother & i grew up in. next year they'll be both be retired & at the 'cottage'. my whole family, except for my brother & carrie will be moving up north (towards my way) in 2012. big changes for my family...kyle & carrie buying a house, my mum retiring, my parents selling our house & moving, both of my grammas moving as well...exciting things! i'm excited for 2012, 2011 was a pretty awesome year but i have a good feeling about 2012...

i'll be posting my 'resolutions' soon. i say 'resolutions' since really i make them year round, so these will just be my january goals.