December 7, 2011

staying happy

it's winter time.

for me that means staying in more, watching more television, reading more books and drinking lots more tea...more often than not, it also means getting into a major funk and having some serious cabin fever. michelle of bling & bones posted her tips to staying happy in the winter time over on my girl thursday today and so i thought i'd share some of mine with you as well...

get outside! get rid of that cabin fever by going for a winter walk. just because it's cold doesn't mean we can't go outside. fresh air will be sure to clear your head of all the mess sitting inside

try something new. it IS cold, let's be honest, that winter walk won't last too long - now is the time to start that new project you've been wanting to work on. for me it's teaching myself to knit more than just the basic row...i want to try crocheting too, and embroidery and generally, just getting my craft on (it's been FAR too long)

write a letter. whether it's a love letter or a letter to a friend or family member, everyone loves getting snail mail and writing it will make you feel good and getting it will make them feel good. it's a win-win situation

throw a party. i love attending house parties, they make me feel all warm and cozy inside. there's nothing better than all of your friends being in one room...or house. it doesn't have to be a huge party, even just a small gathering of friends...tis the season!

relax. it gets dark at like 5pm now, which is basically an excuse to hibernate and enjoy things like baking, bubble baths, cooking, reading, blogging, etc...those are some things i like to do when i'm inside and it's dark outside

& last but not least, make a list of things to do.

i know that when i'm in a funk, i find myself just sitting in it, feeling sorry for myself [blah] and not knowing what to do with myself. if you make a list now, it'll be easy to go too when you're feeling unlike yourself. you'll be happy you did!

also: srsly liz also did a great little blog post the other day, i feel the exact same way right now so it really hit home for me. if you're feeling a little down, you might want to give it a read as well.