January 19, 2012

the dirtiest bird

i don't think it's any secret that my sponsors are great. i mean, they are you guys...c'mon. they make it super easy to fall in love with their pretty things and want to share them with you guys. dirdy birdy is currently offering FREE SHIPPING until valentines day annnd incase you forgot, you also get 20% OFF with coupon code BLOGGED20 ...ya, awesome...i told you, and i wouldn't lie to you guys.

wanna see some of my recent faves?

um, what the heck? this necklace is SO pretty. why can't my brain work in pretty jewellery making ways?

i love the colours & design of these earrings

wowza. there are so many pretty elements to this little gem

exercising is good,
accessorizing is better

am i right?