January 21, 2012

etsy feature: thayer eyewear

i don't think it's any secret that i love glasses. when i was younger and was told i needed glasses i pretty much jumped for joy. i wore my glasses all the time, even though i didn't need to. turns out that that may have helped (?) my eyes because when i stopped wearing them and returned to the eye doctors, she said my eyes had improved. i don't really understand but either way, i don't have to wear glasses anymore.

you're probably thinking, "but you wear glasses all the time" ...well, incase you haven't picked up on this yet (or you're new around here) they're not real...they are clear lenses and i get them from bleudame however they're not selling the ones i wear most often (the black and brown cat eye ones) anymore it seems.

anyway, i love glasses and i love sunglasses. i think they're such a fun accessory & i have quite the collection of each. i came across this wicked etsy shop called thayer eyewear, you should check them out if you're looking for a new pair of either:

they have a really large selection of vintage eyewear and i kind of want one of each!

in other news, i hit 500 followers today!! thanks to sew tara for being my 500th follower! you guys are so wonderful. i still often wonder why anyone reads my blog, but i'm really thankful that you do...a thousand times over, thank you!!