January 20, 2012


i promise i am not going to be one of thoooose bloggers who get an iphone and all of a sudden, all you see is instagram/hipstamatic photos...promise! but today was my first day with it and i just wanted to share a few of my first photos. i'm excited you guys, iphones are really as amazing as everyone says they are!!

this was pretty exciting...almost 500 page views yesterday (that's kind of an all time high for me!) & to think that my blog has been viewed 76 THOUSAND times in a little over 2 years is super weird...and crazy...and awesome

i also got some new washi tapes in the mail today & so i decided to give my laptop a new border. side note: washi tape is fun for SO many things...but this is one of the best things i've thought of, keeps your laptop ever-changing which is fun!

yaaa...mikey sometimes wears his hair in a pony now...
i'm warming up to it

first photo! my morning coffee and a shiny new box!

oh & incase you're wondering what case i bought (before the phone was even in my possession, naturally) it's this one:
rilakkuma iphone teddy bear? done. bet you thought it'd be hello kitty, didn't you?

alright, i'll stop taking about my new favourite thing...maybe...

today was alright. as exciting as it was to get my iphone, my stomach has been extremely angry with me for some reason and everything i've put in it today, it has disagreed with. which is nothing new really, i've had stomach problems for the last 10 or so years (ohmygosh, has it been that long?) anyways, today was a rough one.

side note: JUST sold my blackberry...two successful kijiji transactions in the past 24 hours, awesome!

this was a pretty random post. i apologize. i'm so excited i feel like i've drank 16 cups of coffee!! i didn't know a cellphone could make you feel this way...oh right, NOT talking about my new iphone...