January 9, 2012

hi! + giveaway info

apologies for my brief hiatus (if you noticed) i had a minor...okay, MAJOR heart attack when on saturday my laptop decided to show 60 pop up fatal error messages and when i clicked on the start menu, there was nothing...absolutely nothing which lead me to freaking out, but luckily my mind was set at ease when some helpful twitter peeps made me aware to the fact that viruses are not all consuming like they used to be and can usually be cleaned up. so today i took it into a shop and within 2 hours it was fixed; PWEF!! i couldn't be more relieved and these last 2 1/2 days i totally realized how abso-freaking-lutely dependent i am on my laptop...and okay, the internet. i missed it like crazy!

anywho, here i am.
a few things:
on't forget to enter the roots & feathers giveaway
you have until the 13th to enter!!

& there's a new giveaway coming up tomorrow
i am preeeetty stoked for it!