January 7, 2012

it's the little things

if there's anyone i know who preaches the wise words of "it's all about the little things" it's miss caren she's all about finding the little things in life to keep you going and i personally think that it's a wonderful mentality to have and to live by. here are a few of the little things keeping me going lately:

i swear this little chubster is getting cuter & cuter everyday...she kills me, in the best way possible

mikey & i booked our vacation last night. we've decided to go to cuba again as we had such a nice time there last year & nothing beats those varadero beaches...and that coffee, mmm!

having a hot cup of your favourite tea, my daily saviour

lately we've been getting the pretty snowglobe-esque type of snow which makes for a pretty walk home, a winter wonderland

what are some of the little things that make your day lovely?

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