January 26, 2012

want a say in ugglebo clogs spring collection?

alright you guys, ugglebo clogs is looking for YOUR honest input and feedback so that their spring/summer collection is the best it's ever been! shown are a few of the designs and colours they are considering for this collection, but they want to know more.

if you have a few minutes, please copy & paste the following questions into the comments & answer...

what do you think of the style in itself?

what particular styles do you like? do you like the slingbacks, or the peep-toes or some of the other models better than others?

what types of bases to you prefer? do you like the wedges and the semi-wedge bases or do you want to see something else?

what colors do you like on the wooden bases- dark or light?

do you prefer staples or nail heads to attach the leather to the bases?

answering any or all of the questions in the comments of this post would be a BIG help! thanks guys :)