January 26, 2012

outfit post: never have i ever...

camera flashes are fun to play with!

i don't think i ever showed you guys my hair. i got some peekaboo highlights put in a few weeks ago, they're usually not this obvious as they are underneath but it's just how i wore my hair today...going back in a few weeks to get some blonde underneath as well. it takes awhile to lighten black hair!

outfit details
sheer button up - H&M
sweater - F21
tights - c'est moi
boots - thrifted

i've never worn a button up shirt under a sweater like this...it's kind of preppy which isn't my usual style but i kind of dig it.
ps: remind me sometime to add colour to my wardrobe.

i got these little beauties today for $6 from my local thrift store

i have a problem with buying this colour of shoe. it's seriously all i buy...i was sorting through my shoe closet today and 75% of my shoes are this colour!

want to know a secret?
i like using crackle polish for weeks i know i will be busy and not have time to paint my nails because if it chips off, you really can't tell! this is one of those weeks!

i work tonight, tomorrow & tomorrow night and then i am home free for the weekend...literally. i'm going to my parents house for the weekend for one of my besties birthdays! i come back sunday to a clothing swap (fun!) i already have 3 bags full, eep...shop much?