February 2, 2012


alright you guys...i have a confession to make...

i'm afraid of colour.

wait, let me rephrase that...i'm afraid of wearing colour. i have lots of colour around my home, i love accent pieces, my entire office/closet room is pretty pinks and blues and yellows (basically a little girls bedroom) but for some reason, i just do not wear colour on my body. i have yet to figure out why and to be honest i didn't think it was as bad as it is. but honestly, i just took a scroll through my 'outfits' section of my blog (it was pretty funny) and quickly scrolled through each page...coming to the realization that EVERYTHING is black, white, off white, brown, tan, grey, basically everything BUT actual colours, it was just full of shades.

i don't necessarily see this as a problem, i mean it's fine that i don't wear colour, i wish i did...and i see other people wearing colour and think they look fantastic. i just don't really understand why it's so scary to me. fear of colour...is that a thing?

speaking of coloUr...i wish auto correct would stop correcting me when i spell that on my iphone,
i'm canadian dammit!