February 16, 2012

pretty heads

have you ever noticed that there's like some really...and i mean really good hair follicles happening around the blogosphere? here are some of my faves...

i am absolutely obsessed with andrea's hair from blonde bedhead SO good!

pretty sure every girl in the whole world would kill a man for julie from orchid grey's hair
...ya, kill a man...

this girl makes me miss my fire engine red hair like crazy, love the blonde ends too!!

another gorgeous redhead, the magpie girl

alright alright so i love red hair...
if this hair was on my head, i can guarantee i'd be the happiest girl alive!

i think we can all agree that amy's hair has never looked better!

i have always had serious hair envy over miss chelsea from tea talk...my god it's good

kaylah of the dainty squid obviously has the best, ever changing, multi-coloured hair around

sandi of adalou has gorgeous blue hair!

karin from wunderlust...gosh i want that length...and pretty pink dipped ends!

...to name a few.
i could probably make a weekly feature out of this, there are so many pretty heads out there in the blogosphere! who did i miss? do you have any pretty headed favourites?