February 16, 2012

starry night nails

i love to paint my nails...love love love it. it's one of life's little pleasures. i love taking the time to come up with pretty ideas for them and then giving myself a manicure. my nails are being very nice and not breaking off lately as well...

polishes used:
only gold for me - sephora by OPI
warm black - avon nailwear
diamond strength (base coat) - sally hansen
dry fast top coat - seche vite

(this top coat was recommended by mandy of miss indie. basically she said it made her nails dry super fast & then her polish didn't chip for a whole week...so naturally i had to have it) i'm curious to see how it holds up. i found mine on ebay for a couple bucks but she bought hers on amazon. be careful though! i found a lot of expensive ones but you can find it for cheap!

well, mikey & i have 8 o'clock dinner reservations for the best greek restaurant in town. time to make myself pretty ♥