February 17, 2012

outfit post: of love & lace

outfit details
silk tunic/dress - vero moda
ps: their new spring collection SO good!
lace slip - ebay
shoes - spring
bracelet - belonged to my great grandmother

i've only worn this silk tunic/dress one other time (at the event i bought it for) isn't it just so darn pretty...it's one of those pieces i don't wear often as i'm afraid i'll ruin it. isn't it silly to have articles of clothing like that?

as you may or may not have read, yesterday was mikey & i's 4 year anniversary. to celebrate we dressed up and went to our favourite greek restaurant that we only visit on special occasions. turns out the waiter steve (such a gentleman) remembered us from coming in last year on our anniversary, he said he remembers couples who 'go good together' hehe then he asked if we have any kids yet, ack!

we had a lovely dinner...a bottle of red wine, saganaki (cheese soaked in brandy & then lit on fire - AMAZING!) & caviar dip to start and then we both got the grilled calamari as our main with rice, potato and veggies...so so so good. this place is the best!! it can be quite expensive once you factor in the 40$+ bottle of wine which is why we only go on special occasions, so it's a real treat when we get to go!

i'm SUPER stoked on this weekend...we're having a girls night tonight (it's rare that we can all get together so it'll be nice) and we're doing a pub crawl of sorts...only visiting the places in town that we don't normally go to, it should be a blast! tomorrow night mikey & i head to my cottage to spend the long weekend (for my american readers who don't get family day...we get a long weekend...it's awesome!)