February 23, 2012

two words: girl. crush.

just so you know, it's totally normal for straight girls to crush out on other straight girls...and it happens more times than i care to even admit! straight crushes are different than regular crushes because it's not an "oh my gosh, i want to date you" kind of feeling, instead it's an "oh my gosh, i want to befriend you SO bad!" kind of feeling, haha...that kind of makes me sound like a creeper, but do you know what i mean?? it happens SO much to me in blog world...i'll come across a new blogger and peruse their archives and things just click. i want to be her friend. i want to share clothes. i want to have coffee with her. i want to go shopping with her........ya know? i don't even care if this doesn't happen to you too (lol) i'm totally fine with girl crushing all by my lonesome, but the thing is that i know i'm not alone. anyways, here is my most recent girl crush, christen of two happy hearts her style is impeccable, i think she's absolutely stunning and yes, i totally want to be her friend IRL! (that means 'in real life'...learned it the other day from iris who i do know IRL)

...right? now you are totally crushing out too, aren't you?