March 9, 2012

around the blogosphere

totally in love with the swagger sandal from bc footwear. i feel like it's the perfect mix between pretty and functional...and by functional i mean it looks comfy enough to wear all day long! it comes in the most prettiest of colours too...

how pretty is my gal pal julie? honestly...i tell her this all the time but she's seriously one of the most gorgeous people i've ever met...and not just on the outside either, she has the biggest heart and is such an amazing friend to me and well, everyone (she has like a million friends cause everyone wants to be friends with her!) but seriously...i'm so blessed to call her one of my bests and to be friends with her IRL (in real life, hehe)

this gorgeous print from here

how pretty is this necklace that jen DIY'd herself?
kimbra makes me want to chop my hair off (for a brief moment...then i remember how long it's taken me to grow my hair out!)
i love these cute prints from flapper doodle

kate made some lovely daily reminders for herself...i loved this one so i made it my background!

kirsten posted this super cute nail tutorial on her blog