March 11, 2012

cuba part two: havana

mikey & i had decided prior to leaving for cuba this year that we would go to havana for a day trip. we're really glad we did because it was absolutely gorgeous & it was nice to be able to walk around and explore...

so many fun, brightly coloured buildings...also most homes in cuba are painted bright colours! i loved it

we visited this massive, gorgeous cemetary
it was beautiful

everyone is buried above ground which was so different than what we are used to

aren't the 'tomb stones' amazing?

so so so SO many great, vintage cars in cuba

i loved seeing everyone's laundry drying from their balconies


such gorgeous architecture

this man had two dachsunds all dressed up and ready to take photos with people...they did tricks too, so cute!

haha awesome right?

we had amazing pina coladas at an outdoor patio

this was ernest hemingway's apartment...this is where he wrote 'the old man and the sea'...not to mention the beautiful colour of the building!