March 8, 2012

healthy popcorn how-to

alright so i'm kind of a popcorn freak (and using the word 'kind of' was a major understatement) i love popcorn...i love it so very much that i probably eat it 3 or 4x a week. i used to just buy microwave popcorn but there are a ton of bad chemicals in that stuff (i mean if oprah says's gotta be bad) anyways, a friend said that she had been using just a regular pot (with a lid) to make it and so i thought i'd give the old stove-top method a try...

- throw some olive oil in the bottom of a medium-large sized pot
- line the bottom with kernels
- hold the lid so that there is a spot for air to escape (not too much as you don't want the kernels or oil popping up in your face) but you want air to be able to get out
- sift the pot over the burner (back & forth) until you hear the kernels start and then stop popping...don't wait too long or it will start to burn
- once the popcorn is done, i like to throw some more olive oil over top (it adds a delicious buttery flavouring without actually using butter) and some sea salt is nice too

suggestion: i used a pot we don't use on the regular because the bottom can burn a bit. ours has now become the popcorn pot because i use it so much for that!