March 8, 2012

mustard yellow love

lately, everything that has been catching my eye has been mustard yellow. i took a look in my wardrobe and i really don't have any pieces that are quite this colour...i'd like to though! the only thing i can think of is my tights that i'm too afraid to wear (i gotta try them before the warm weather comes...this is my promise to myself...and well, blog world!)

anyways, here are some of my recent mustard etsy faves!

i think these shorts might need to be mine

this infinity scarf by that girl crochet is way too pretty!!
side note: pretty sure tiffany's prices for cowl neck scarves like these are still the lowest on etsy, for realsies!

i love vintage tins and how cute are these ones that have been turned into desk clocks?
this moose head print would look great next to our newly aquired mounted moose antlers (yes they are awesome, especially because mikey was given them for free...i'll post photos when they're up!)

this mustard maxi skirt is pretty awesome! loving the maxi length & styled with the leather jacket!

this is the cutest little bra top ever

how adorable is this pretty little dress? pockets always get me!

i love these moroccan leather ottomans, the mustard is my fave of course!

side note: i think i've realized why i do not post about serious topics and controversial issues on my blog...i received far too many anonymous comments on my previous post about kony. opinions are great but this is just a reminder that this is my blog and therefore my opinion, i understand there are opposing views but if you do not agree, feel free to write an opposing post on your own blog...thank you :)