March 22, 2012


it has come to my attention that probably 30% of my instagram photos are of my hands&rings/nails...even when i'm super busy, i always...yes, always find the time to paint my nails. it's one of the ways i relax and it makes me feel good having my nails lookin' all pretty

i just did these guys a few minutes ago...terrible photo, they look much spacier in real life. if you're looking for a DIY for space nails, i did a tutorial here they are super easy and fun to play with colours and such

matching fingers & toes (please ignore my sad peeling feet, they got wickedly burnt from the Cuba sun)

i saw kaylah do some with these triangles and had to try it out...just use washi tape to create the triangle, easy peasy!

these were my st. paddy's day nails
i'm kind of loving polka dot tips lately!

do you like painting your nails? any favourite tumblrs or blog dedicated to nail art? please share!

oh & one more thing...this top coat is the bomb diggity. yup, it's so awesome i brought back that terrible phrase. but