March 21, 2012

+ true. on that note, college is almost over!!

+ does my blog make you prove you're not a robot now when you comment? i noticed that it does that more on blogs that it didn't before so i'm wondering if mine does it now too? annoying if it does. i hate proving i'm not a robot.

+ toronto (area) ladies: a reminder about buying your ticket for blog podium if you're coming in may because prices go up at the end of the month!

+ its summer out there guys...SUMMER! i'm soaking it up now because it's supposed to go back down to regular temperatures next week...until then, bring it on sun!

+ i'm going to be a grandmother here for a second...has anyone watched music videos lately? i don't normally as i don't have cable & don't use youtube much...holy moly, the things that they show in music videos these days, it's insane! i would not want children watching that.

+ apparently these exist already but i tweeted about their being a laundromat/bar/patio...that would be awesome! we need one in peterborough cause people tweeted back saying they exist elsewhere! my calling?