March 7, 2012

Who is Joseph Kony?

by now, you may have seen this's one video that has gone viral and for a very, very good reason. this has gone viral for the reason that we can make a change to an incredibly terrible thing that is happening in the world right now. i know that sometimes i shut my eyes to the awful things that are going on in other countries and i don't read newspapers or go on news websites because of this...'ignorance is bliss', 'out of sight, out of mind' right? wrong.

there are things we can do to help make changes in the world. jason russell is an amazing person who saw and heard of terrible things happening in africa and he decided to make a difference. joseph kony is ruining the innocence of children on a daily basis...there are over 30,000 children in his army. the boys are trained to use guns and kill anyone they meet (including their parents) and the girls are turned into sex slaves. 30,000 children are currently involved in this...that number is far too high to ignore. i do not consider myself an activist by any means, and generally speaking i don't post about 'serious' topics too often on my blog...but this is something that really moved me and i wanted to be a part of and wanted to share with you as well!

after seeing this video, i purchased an action kit here...i had money in my paypal account and instead of spending it frivolously on things i do not need, i wanted to put it towards good.

whether it's donating, purchasing a t-shirt, bracelet or an action kit or even just signing this pledge you are helping to make kony's name famous...which is the purpose of jason's entire invisible children campaign, to make people aware of who he is...not to celebrate him but to raise awareness and support for his arrest.