April 4, 2012

( currently )

obsessing over: colour...maybe it's spring time coming or...something (?) but i am loving colour lately and i just want more of it in my life! i am also obsessing over staying positive, can that be an obsession? it's a pretty healthy one i'd say.

working on: getting my life sorted...one day at a time, and with a smile on my face.

thinking about: mikey coming home from work in a few minutes. i got some really delicious pinot noir (from mission hill winery which is the one i visited when i went to BC to see aly, she worked at it!) it's my favourite!

anticipating: being done college in TWO weeks, eeeee!!!!

listening to:
i was doing some major cleaning earlier & well, this is one of those songs i listen to over and over and over (someone told me lauryn hill hates white people...that sucks, i really like(d) her)

eating: nada...i had some very delicious gluten free ginger snap cookies earlier with my tea though! apparently wal-mart has a not-so-bad gluten-free section, who knew! wal-mart is blowin' my mind lately!

i had of bought the bright blue version of these pants from wal-mart as well! ya...wal-mart, i'm tellin' ya!

also wishing and hoping everyone had a lovely day today! tomorrow is the last day of the week (for most) as it's easter long weekend this coming. not that that means much for me as i don't have classes on fridays and i work at a bar so weekends are not really weekends haha, i work fri&sat so tomorrow night i plan on going out! so yay long weekend!