April 9, 2012

on feeling good

early last week i wrote this post on feeling lost. well, i just wanted to update everyone (i know some of you out there actually worry about me) to say that i am feeling much better. sometimes all it takes is some soul searching and also maybe a chat or two with your parents and/or loved ones, and all seems right again in the world. i'm feeling pretty great about life these days. i'm 25, finishing college in 4 days (eep!) and truly feel incredibly blessed in most aspects of my life. i have great friends, a wonderful boyfriend, an amazing family, i love my job, i now have a post-secondary education to show for my hard work and i feel pretty darn positive about what my future holds.

sometimes you have to stop worrying about the future and just start living. if you're always worrying about something else, then you'll never fully experience what is happening right now.