April 8, 2012

outfit post: faux pas

outfit details:
top - small store in BC
pants - wal-mart
ps: is this a fashion blogger faux pas wearing the same article of clothing in back to back posts? lol i feel like it probably is...breakin' all the rules!
clogs - c/o ugglebo clogs
hat - brixton (mikeys)
denim jacket - thrifted

love these! if you don't have a pair yet...seriously what are you waiting for?

it's a gorgeous day outside today! can't wait to spend it by the lake at mikey's mums place! i will be stuffing my face with delicious food in a matter of hours and that makes me one happy girl!!

happy easter everyone!

i hope you're spending your sunday with family or friends who are family or...your cat or dog; someone you love ♥ & that you're eating yummy food no matter who you're with!