April 20, 2012

outfit post: favourites

outfit details:
denim button down - wal-mart
skirt - tango
sandals - flavour fashion

these are a few of my favourite things:
+ my favourite shirt (& only paying $16 for it - thank you wal-mart!)
+ denim...period
+ this skirt. it is THEE best. i am in love with maxi skirts + the pattern is pretty freaking sweet if you ask me...
+ the fact that i can wear sandals today without freezing my toes off!
+ barbie pink lipstick
+ lipstick...period

oops, how'd that get in there?

please excuse the dead flowers...getting rid of those now...

so as mentioned this skirt is from tango, a lovely womens store downtown. i'd just like to throw out a MEGA HUGE congratulations to my girl desiree who is the new owner of tango!! so proud of her, she's a great addition to the downtown core!

speaking of the downtown core, remember that new job i talked about? well i'm working at S.O.S...which you may recognize from my sponsor side bar it's a shoe store which obviously is a perfect match for me since i'm obsessed with shoes!!anyways, i'm super stoked on being there and being a part of the downtown community once again!

tonight i am celebrating being done college (are you sick of me talking about this yet?) there's lots of great things going on tonight too so it's perfect. first dinner at one of my favourite restaurants downtown to see off my dear friend sarah who is heading back to aus, then drinks and seeing the lumbermen play! the rest of my weekend is filled with work, so tonight...i play!