April 5, 2012

outfit post: who the heck am i?

what the what? i'm a) wearing colour and b) wearing patterns (polka dots and stripes) this is a rare occurance my friends. outfits of mine usually consist of lots of solid neutrals. but ya know something, i feel pretty damn good in this outfit! i definitely feel like myself in it, that's for sure!

outfit details:
top - H&M
belt - F21
pants - wal-mart (holla!)
necklace - miju and you

i'm sure it's been done before but i've never seen anyone do it so i'm claiming the crackle polka dot as my own...tell your friends (you probably can't even tell from this photo that i used a crackle polish for the white...maybe if you enlarge it?)

how gorgeous is this necklace from my sponsor miju and you...i am basically head over heels in love with it. laser cut wood? amazing. if you watched my latest vlog you know how much i love the word laser...and if you didn't, it's a lot! (& yes i am doing a subtle - maybe not so subtle- boob grab in this photo. though i'd like to think of it as more of a boob 'rest')

this ring is from another one of my amazing sponsors, strozzi! it hasn't left my finger since it was sent to me...seriously, best ever! well sorry, the one my mama gave me is my favourite & therefore the best, but this one is a very close second!

happy thursday friends!!