May 11, 2012

his & hers outfit post ft. tumbleweeds

in honor of tumbleweeds 1 year anniversary (which is today!!) i thought i'd switch up my usual outfit post & include a little his & hers post since mikey loves his tumbleweeds just as much as i do!


what i wore:
sunnies: tumbleweeds
top: old navy
pants: garage
(changed into some black high waisted cropped skinnies after seeing these photos as i felt a little dumpy in them today. nobody likes a dumpster)
sandals: BC footwear
necklace: miju and you

i ♥ my tumbleweeds!


what mikey wore:
sunnies: tumbleweeds
v-neck: hurley
vest: selected
pants: levis
toque: dakine
necklace: krew
shoes: vans
all mikey's clothes are from flavour fashion

what do you think of these his & hers outfit posts? like 'em, hate 'em, never want to see our stupid faces again? haha

have a great weekend loves!