May 3, 2012


 my friend from work's cat had kittens! omg they are such cutesy little fluffballs! it took everything in my being not to take one home with me.

 the lumbermen had another show on tuesday night

 we goofed around a bit on a slow night at work

 i got my tumbleweeds in the mail & am obsessed with them!!

 i may have eaten this entire bag of skittles...*may* have

 lianne when she came to visit me (going crazy)

 mikey in his tumbleweeds sunnies!

 wine club at brio with my friend sue!
 playing around with the duomatic app

 my new obsession

 andrew & sue

my tattoo artist & friend teddy (more on this later!)

life has been great lately! i've been enjoying some down time between my two jobs and have been hoping & wishing that the weather stays nice now...i mean it's may for gosh sakes!

i am looking forward to:
+ warmer weather
+ blog podium (!!!!) 
+ spending the weekend with my cousin
+ exciting giveaways i have planned for you guys

happy may!