May 6, 2012

tumbleweeds sunnies of the month club

have you guys heard of this? tumbleweeds new 'club'
it basically sounds like the raddest club in town...your town, every town, all over the world! all the cool kids are joining it. getting sent a pair of sunglasses once a month all summer long sounds absolutely freaking fantastic to me! & the sunnies you get are so well made & gorgeous!

visit tumbleweeds for more info!
you'd also be supporting one of the raddest couples i know! beca & doug are extremely hard workers & are rad to boot. i got myself & mikey a pair a few weeks back and we haven't stopped wearing them since! here are some of my other recent faves:

so, so, so good!

ps: don't forget to enter the miju and you giveaway happening now! 
enter to win an adorable arrow ring! you have until may 9th to enter & there's 3 super easy ways.