June 12, 2012

around the blogosphere

i'd like to just say a big THANK YOU to everyone who commented on my graduation post. i swear i have the sweetest readers & i appreciate every single comment you guys write me, you guys are pretty good at making a girls day!

now, onto some cool shit i've seen around the blogosphere lately...

i recently came across visa's blog because she was the winner of the ugglebo clogs giveaway. her outfits are always so well put together and she always looks amazing! needing fashion inspiration? check out 1 fine dai

this is my gooorgeous friend katie. she recently started a fashion blog with amazing photography and even more amazing outfits. i've always been super envious of katie's ability to find and put together the cutest thrifted pieces, her wardrobe is beyond enviable! take a peek for yourself at her blog frou frou foxes

 rebecca recently posted this peony flower DIY and i am dying to try it out...i'd love to make a bunch of super colourful displays for the party we're having here on saturday!

once again amy has done it again. she's gotten into my head and flawlessly written down all my thoughts into one simple blog post. her thoughts on being a 20-something in today's society are so spot on

speaking of getting inside my head, as i was catching up on blog posts this morning, i saw this one on moorea's blog a dip-dye tutorial and i happen to have the same colour rit dye that she used in this tutorial. i was going to wing it later today, but now i have a how-to which i'm pretty excited about!

today is my last day as a 25 year old, tomorrow at 11:03 a.m i will officially be 26 years old. kind of crazy how time flies! am i at the point in my life i thought i'd be at 26? nope. am i okay with that? absolutely. i'm super happy with where i'm at in life and proud of who i've become and who i've chosen to be a part of my life...i wouldn't change a thing!

♥ carly