June 13, 2012

happy birthday to meeee

so this morning i woke up to:
+ a hangover...which kind of sucks but i'll get over it seeing as i had a really awesome time last night with my girlfriends. worth it!
+ a cute boyfriend and puppy (no he didn't get me a puppy for my birthday, we're dog sitting right now for friends who just had a baby yesterday, eeee!)
+ a tattoo gift certificate from mikey (♥)
+ a million happy birthday facebook comments and text messages!
+ two lovely packages in the mail (one of which contained the vintage frye boots i treated myself to...photos to come!)
+ this post from julie...she is the sweetest girl alive!
+ presents to open from my family
+ this lovely portrait that sandi did for me. isn't she crazy talented??
she's also having an awesome giveaway right now to win a free wooden cameo portrait of yourself! pop over and enter

so needless to say, it's been a lovely birthday so far. i have the day off to relax & mikey is taking me out for dinner tonight! wooo, birthdays are fun!